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Content Format

In order to make sure your contents will look properly on mobile devices as well, all common content, layout and form elements were styled accordingly.


Lists can be created without any additional CSS markup required and have been kept as simple and minimal as possible in order to use the limited amount of space on screen efficiently.

  • Use the full width of the content area
  • Optional zebra stripes prepared by default
  • No further CSS classes to keep in mind


Similar to the lists, all common form elements have been prepared as well for your convenience.

Radio One
Radio Two
Checkbox One
Checkbox Two


Here you can see some examples how common typography elements look like.

郊尾吧南洋娱乐城:Headline (h1)

Headline (h2)

易发娱乐城 I'm a link
Bold Text
Italic Text
Small Text
Deleted Text

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